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Welcome to the First Belgian Swimrun Website

The Amphiman Series are the first swimrun races in Belgium.

Amphiman Races 2018

Amphiman LLEH
Amphiman LLEH

Amphiman at Les Lacs de l'Eau d'Heure
Saturday 11th of May 2019
2 distances: 25 and 40 km

6th of January 2019 20h00

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Amphiman De Schorre
Amphiman De Schorre

Amphiman in De Schorre in Boom
Saturday 6th of October 2018
2 distances: 10,5 and 21 km

1st of June 2018 20h00

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What is Swimrun ?

Swimrun is an emerging new sport, originating in Sweden.

  • Swimrun is an alternating combination of swimming and running while holding on to all your material throughout the entire race
  • Swimrun is an experience in DUO
  • Swimrun is running in wetsuit and swimming with running shoes
  • All kinds of equipment are allowed like paddles, pull buoys, fins and rope
  • It’s swimming in lakes, and running through nature
  • But above all, it’s incredible fun because of the continuous alternations and the beautiful landscapes

Something for You?

Avid triathlete, good swimmer and trail runner or just looking for a new challenge ?
Then Swimrun is definitely something for you !

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New Track De Schorre

11 September 201811 September 2018
New Track De Schorre online
New Track of De Schorre is online. There are only 2 small changes compared to last year: - the black water is out - the steep clay mountain is on the end

Subscriptions De Schorre 2018

18 July 201818 July 2018
Subscriptions De Schorre 2018
The subscriptions for Amphiman De Schorre October 6th 2018 are open.