It's not just a race, it's an adventure


Please fill in the form underneath with the requested data.

After filing in the form, you will be automatically transfered to our payment system of Paypal.
Please keep your Paypal login data or your creditcard ready.

After subscription, you will receive an email confirming your subscription.
If no email is received, please contact the organisation ( to see what went wrong.

The base price for the short distance is 100€ and 120€ for the long distance PER TEAM.
The long distance will use GPS Trackers that brings an extra cost to the table.

A finisher t-shirt will cost 15€.

The subscription is only complete after payment.

The subscriptions are closed.

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Photos are online

16 October 201716 October 2017
Photos Amphiman De Schorre are online
The photos of Amphiman De Schorre 2017 are online.
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