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On Saterday 5th of May 2018, the forth edtion of the Amphiman Swimrun race in Belgium will be organised in and around the “Lacs de L’Eau de d’Heure”.

The Distances

  • Long distance: 38km (33,5 run + 4,6 km swim)
  • Mid distance: 28km (24 km run + 3,6 km swim)
  • Short distance: 18km (15,5 km run + 2,4 km swim)

Time Gates

At every Energy Station, a Time Gate will be set. People will have to pass that Gate before being able to continue the race.

LLEH 38km and 28km will be assisted by GPS Tracking

To make everything fair, all teams of the 38km and 28km distance will have to carry a GPS tracker.  It is included in the price. The GPS will be carried in a small pocket in the jersey on the back at shoulder hight.
The advantage is plural: to make sure every team follows the right track and people at home can follow the race on internet.

Short Distance = No longer the long cold swim on the end

To give starting swimrun athletes the chance to participate without pushing them too hard, we decided to no longer let them swim the 800m in the cold water of the Platte Taille Lake.
They are allowed to return over the dam.
The consequence is we cancelled any price money for this distance (and added it to the long distance).
This way the short race is more a ‘startToSwimrun’ race or a ‘have fun’ race en less a tough race.

Day Program

The day program is as follows:
(Some slight changes can still occur. In that case you will be informed through our newsletter)

Friday 4th of May 2017

16:00-18:00 Opening secretariat. Number pickup.

Saturday 5th of May 2017

08:00 Opening Race location and control of the course.
08:15 Opening secretariat. Number pickup.
09:45 Briefing of the athletes of LONG distance in the auditorium (max 20 min). MANDATORY.
10:10 Briefing of the athletes of SHORT and MID distance in the auditorium (max 20 min). MANDATORY.
10:50 Start Swimrun LONG distance.
11:10 Start Swimrun SHORT distance.
11:30 Start Swimrun MID distance.
13:30 Expected arrival of the first atletes of the short distance.
15:20 Expected arrival of the first atletes of the long distance.
16:00 Award ceremony.

First check the General Info, FAQ, Tips & Tricks pages. If some questions still remain we will be pleased to answer them.

Where and When?

When Saturday May 5th, 2018
Where:At the lakes of the L'Eau d'Heure (south of Charleroi - Belgium)
Information Centre "Lac de la Plate Taille"
Route de la Plate Taille 99
6440 Boussu-Lez-Walcourt
Latitude : 50° 11' 30,64" North - Longitude : 4° 22' 52,22" East
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Photos are online

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