It's not just a race, it's an adventure

Prize Money

The organisation grant next amount for the winners in each category:


Long distance

Scratch Man Mixed Women
1st place 300€ 400€ 400€ 400€
2nd place 200€ 250€ 250€ 250€
3th place 150€ 200€ 200€ 200€

Mid Distance

Scratch Man Mixed Women
1st place 150€ 150€ 150€ 150€
2nd place 80€ 100€ 100€ 100€
3th place 60€ 80€ 80€ 80€

Short Distance

There is no longer prize money for the short distance.

The winners that have the right to the price money will be contacted in the week after the race by the organisation.
Upon reception of the IBAN account data, the money will be transferred.

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Photos are online

16 October 201716 October 2017
Photos Amphiman De Schorre are online
The photos of Amphiman De Schorre 2017 are online.
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