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Origin in Sweden

The idea to Swimrun got a whole different dimension in 2002 when the brothers Jesper Andersson and Matts entered into a bet with Anders Malm, owner of the Vardshus hotel on the island Utö, to race as quickly as possible from Utö to Sandhamn by swimming and running on the islands. Two teams of two began the race to Sandhamn hotel, the last team would pay for hotel, food and drink, and should eat and drink what the first team had ordered for them. They needed more than 24 hours the first time but it did not stop them to try again the following year. Ötillö was born (ö till ö, literally "from island to island").

When Mats Andersson and Michael Lemmel were involved in these Swimrun a little later, there were soon several teams at the start (but therefore not yet to the finish). The race direction was reversed with start at the hotel Sandhamn and finish at the Utö's Vardshus. Now there are 120 teams in three categories at the start (men, women and mixed) for what has become the world Swimrun championship (120 teams with athletes from 26 countries).

In Sweden it became very popular in a short time and similar competitions are organized all over the country. Developments are going fast in terms of material as well as the training level. Ötillö is constantly the reference and in order to participate in Ötillö they now organize qualifiers .In 2014 the first qualifier was organized outside Sweden in Engadin, Switzerland.

Beautifull landscape during the Ötillö race 2014

Birth of Amphiman

After participation of Jan Syryn and Dirk Beersmans (Belgian ZEROD-Scott Endurance team) at both Utö Swimrun and Ötillö , the organization of a Swimrun in Belgium was inevitable. Amphiman was born.

Jan and Dirk during the Ötillö race 2014

Lac Eau d"Heure

We went looking for a site in Belgium with swimming and running possibilities, and with nature and altimeters. Just one site would qualify and that the site of the lakes of the Eau D'Heure. This water complex is 4 times bigger than the second biggest site in Belgium, and consists of 3 water levels (2 dams). Altimeters garanteed. The presence of surrounding forrests will give us the opportunity to develop a beautiful trail.

Reception Center

De race start at the main reception center. This center has a lot of commodities:
  • A detailled maquette of the site at the start package collection point.
  • A huge auditorium where the breefing will be held at 10h.
  • A secured depository for your material.
  • On site presence of a large tea-room
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Photos are online

16 October 201716 October 2017
Photos Amphiman De Schorre are online
The photos of Amphiman De Schorre 2017 are online.
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