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Given below are some common questions
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General questions (registration, training)...

I would like to participate but I don't have a teammate.
1. View the ads ont the athlete market page, maybe you'll find a match ...
2. Register with a dummy mate. Then put an announcement(ad) on the athlete market and hope that another candidate in the same situation will react.
I don't have a licence, can I participate
Yes, there is the possibility to choose for a 'day licence' at the subscription form. It will cost you 5 euro a person.
Is a foreign licence also ok ?
Yes, no problem. Just choose 'other' for licence and fill in the federation and your number.
I wish to register but Amphiman is fully booked....
We'll probably create a waiting list. This will be notified on the registration page whenever the situation occurs.In case of cancellation by a team, the next team on the waiting list will take their place.
Can we still change the name of our team once registered?
Yes, that is possible ,
Send a mail to with the change.
Is the morning briefing mandatory?
No, we can not force you to come. However, your presence is highly recommended. It is here that we will provide the latest info like water temperature or any course changes. You have enough time to change you after the briefing.
Is there a money prize?
Yes, there's a prize for the top 3 in each category (Men, women, mixed) and this for both distances. It is obvious that the long distance is rewarded more.

Prizes are viewable through this link:

Which things we must pay attention to?
There is a full page of Tips & Tricks to help you attack the competition in the best conditions.
I am not so fan of cold water...
Is all pretty ok; There is first a running bit before the first swim. That warms you up, so the first swim is less though.
On top, all swimming pieces are relative short (max 700m). And in between the swimming parts, you will warm up very well because of the running. In fact after a while you will sweat so hard to start to long to cool down.
What is the water temperature during the competition?
From a month ahead of the competition we will regularly measure water temperature. The measures will be placed on the website.
What is the air temperature during the competition?
Belgian weather is full of surprises but we expect air temperatures between the 10° and 20° Celsius.
Can I stay the night with my mobile home ?
At the start there is a very large mobile home parking.
There is also a large parking area a bit further at holiday park Landal.
Are there showers available?
Next to the entrance on the LEFT side there will be a shower trailer and a tent to change your clothes.

Questions concerning the race

Must we find our way alone (orientation) or is the course marked out?
The entire route is marked. On land usually with ribbons between and around vegetation and arrows at more difficult locations. When crossing the water a large flag on the other side will tell you how to swim.
Must we stay together?
Yes, and this is to comply strictly.
The maximum distance allowed between teammates are 50 meters on land and 10 meters in the water. If the distance between your partner becomes more important then that, the organization will hold you on until your partner has joined you. (see Rules 8.1 et 8.2)

In case of significant difference between teammates, the option of connecting each other with a cord (elastic) may be a solution.

Must we use the swim cap of the organization?
Yes. It's a good an beautiful one.
The color designates your category (Men, women or mixed). However you may consider wearing an additional neoprene cap underneath.
Must we report an abandonment?
Yes, and we strongly emphasize this point.
Just provide your team number to a person of the organization in transit or at the arrival. Otherwise you risk being considered disappeared with consequent real research and unnecessary costs (see also Rule 8.4)
Can I participate without a wetsuit?
The water is too cold to venture there without protection. However, a short wetsuit is allowed. If you do not have your own wetsuit, then renting is a good idea.
Do I need to wear the bib all the time?
The bib must be worn at all times. Not wearing it is ground for disqualification. However, you have the right, while running or not, to remove it in order to open or close your suit. Once done you put your bib on again.
I'm lost. What should I do?
The best is to turn around and go back till you find the course markings. The course can make weird turns. Cutting through hoping to fall on the track again can be a very bad option.

Be both watchful ! It takes very little to lose sight of the markup.

Is there any energy stations foreseen along the course?
Yes, multiple energy stations are foreseen along the track with a wide varity: sport drinks, water gels, bars, bananas,... At the arrival, in the athlete village, large A wide range of products will also be available at the arrival in the Athlete village. The exact location of those supply posts can be found on the track page.
Are there cut off times?
Yes, this year we will introduce cut off times. Each energy station will also be a time port. The cut offs are published here.
Are the cut-off time also in play for the mid and short distance ?
No really
Due to security reasons, we will neutralize the race at 18h30. this gives the athletes of the long distance 7h30. For the mid distance should this be enough. And definitely for the short.

For spectators and third parties...

I'm a spectator. What's the best place for me to follow the race?

The most spectacular points are the water exits where you can follow their approach.

Hotspots will be added to the course map for the spectators.

I am part of the media and would like to contact the organization.
Please send a mail to for a press pass/dossier. If you wish further collaboration you have the opportunity to become a Media Partner. (see "Partner" option on the main menu)

Please specify your question here if you didn’t find the answer in the FAQ above or in on the right column.
We will send you an answer as quickly as possible.
If we receive this question a multiple times we will consider posting it on the FAQ page as well.

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